Counseling Services

The main specialties of my practice are providing marital therapy and treating sexual addiction

Marital Therapy
Marriage Counseling San Diego, CA

Are you coping with any of the following in your marriage?
• Disclosure of an affair, secrets, or other betrayals of trust?
• Escalating arguments that never get resolved?
• Communication problems?
• Topics that are off-limits?
• Feeling like you are “walking on eggshells”?
• A loss of emotional safety and closeness?
• A loss of physical intimacy?

Among human relationships, marriage can be a source of great joy and connection. Often over time, negative cycles and patterns of interaction can develop that create pain and disconnection in the relationship. Adult love relationships are about creating secure attachment and a connection that allows each partner to feel emotionally safe. Through the counseling process, I assist couples in identifying and overcoming negative cycles and reconnecting emotionally. I also work with couples looking for healing from infidelity. Even very distressed couples can reconnect and restore trust and emotional security. I also provide pre-marital and enrichment counseling.

Sexual Addiction Treatment
Sexual Addiction Treatment San Diego, CA
If your sexual behavior is causing problems in your life or relationships, help is available.  I am a certified sexual addiction therapist (CSAT) and have specialized training to help assess and treat sexual addiction.  Not everyone who acts out sexually is an addict, and not all addicts exhibit the same patterns.  Sexual addiction is devastating and difficult to overcome just by willpower.  I provide a compassionate and supportive environment to work toward recovery from unhealthy patterns, establish sexual health, and restore damaged relationships.  Contact me and together we can assess your situation and work toward putting you back in command of your life. 

Pre-marital and Marriage Enrichment Counseling
Pre - Marital Counseling San Diego, CA
I am certified as a Prepare-Enrich facilitator. Prepare-Enrich is a scientifically validated online survey designed to help engaged and married couples identify strengths in their relationships and areas for growth. Areas covered include communication, conflict resolution, financial management, sexuality and affection, relationship roles, children and parenting, and spiritual beliefs.

For engaged couples, pre-marital counseling can help the couple to identify and build on their strengths and improve their growth areas. Marriage is entered with a better mutual understanding and shared expectations. For married couples, enrichment counseling is an opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of each other and to create a more fulfilling marital relationship.

Family Therapy
Marriage and Family Therapy San Diego, CA
Each stage of a family’s life cycle presents new and unique challenges. Interaction patterns that were functional in the earlier stages may no longer be effective. Coping with challenges and negotiating new boundaries and ways of relating can be difficult and problems can appear overwhelming. I assist families in developing manageable solutions, maintaining connections, and re-establishing an environment of mutual love and support.  Don’t live with the pain and fear of family conflict any longer.  Contact me so we can get your family the support you need. 

Grief Counseling San Diego, Bereavement Counseling San Diego
Grief is a very real and painful experience with many dimensions, and it has no time limit.  Well-meaning loved ones may not understand the extent of your grief and pain.  Mourning is a process that is unique and personal.  Not everyone grieves in the same way nor does everyone require the same amount of time to work through their grief.  Grief can be complicated by the length of the relationship with the person who died, the nature of that relationship, any traumatic components to the loss, multiple losses, and the strength of your remaining support system.  If your grief feels overwhelming or your depression lasting, contact me for the support you need to heal and find your way forward.

Trauma Counseling San Diego, CA
Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Acute Stress, and/or Post Traumatic Stress make it difficult to carry on your life.  From relationships to work to the daily tasks of living, anxiety can be devastating.  Family, friends, and coworkers may have difficulty understanding your situation.  If fears, intrusive thoughts, worries, or stress are disrupting your life, come find the compassionate support you need.  I utilize multiple treatment methods that can be tailored to your situation.  Don’t let anxiety, stress, and trauma continue to have power over you.  Contact me today.